Fall Season Trends

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 Fall is officially here.

Fall Season 2019

There’s a crispness in the air, there’s occasion to use the word ‘brisk’ when describing the weather, and things are all a swirl and changing. It’s Autumn!

When you think of this season, what comes to mind first? Perhaps it’s the colours of the trees, your favourite coffee or maybe even the haunted night of Halloween. 

After all, Fall is a time for thanksgiving (as in the giving of thanks and appreciation to those who make our lives better all the time, as well as Thanksgiving proper). Though we’re more than excited to think about gathering with loved ones in October, we at HNS Studio, are going to advocate for giving additional thanks to our beloved ones this fall, beyond the holiday and just because. And, as we make jewelry and giftware accessories that largely revolves around the spirit of appreciation and gratitude, we have some suggestions (just a few).

 Women Leather Backpack


Gold Charms Bracelet Pandora Style


 Rose Gold Drop Earrings


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